Tuesday, 11 June 2013

May's Big Finish Doctor Who titles released today!

Today Big Finish released their latest Doctor Who titles.

This month's release in Big Finish's main range is Doctor Who: Prisoners of Fate, which concludes this year's Fifth Doctor trilogy featuring companions Tegan, Nyssa and Turlough. Prisoners of Fate also concludes the story arc featuring an older Nyssa as the Doctor's companion, which began in 2010 in Doctor Who: Cobwebs.

Doctor Who: Prisoners of Fate is available as a CD for £14.99, or as a download for £12.99.

The second of this month's releases is Doctor Who: Council of War - the final release in season seven of The Companion Chronicles. The story marks the first time John Levene has narrated a Companion Chronicle, playing the much-loved Sergeant Benton from the Classic Series. Council of War sees Benton investigating ghosts and missing people in the town of Kettering. His search for the truth will lead him to the far future, where the life of a whole civilisation hangs in the balance.

Doctor Who: Council of War is available as a CD for £8.99, or as a download for £7.99.

Big Finish's final Doctor Who release of the month is Nicholas Briggs' Doctor Who: The Dalek Contract, which kicks off the finale of season two of the Fourth Doctor Adventures. The story sees the return of Cuthbert, who appeared earlier in the series in Doctor Who: The Sands of Life. The Doctor and Romana are in the Proxima System to discover what Cuthbert is up to, and to prevent his experiments from accidentally ripping the universe apart. Before the Doctor can save the Proxima System; however, he must first discover what the Daleks and Cuthbert really have planned...

Doctor Who: The Dalek Contract is available as a CD for £10.99, or as a download for £8.99.


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