Friday, 7 June 2013

Obverse Books begin a new run of Faction Paradox novels!

This year saw the release of Obverse Books' latest entry to the Faction Paradox series: Against Nature, and in the last few weeks copies have been sent out to those who purchased the book. Against Nature is the first of a new line of original Faction Paradox novels published by Obverse books, who have now replaced the original publishers, Mad Norwegian Press, and plan further releases later in the year.

For those of you not familiar with the series, Faction Paradox are a time-travelling cult first featured in the Doctor Who: Eighth Doctor Adventures novel series during the early 2000s, and were later lucky enough to have their own spin-off series created to further develop their universe. The premise of the series involves the Great Houses -formerly Time Lords- facing an unknown threat known only as "The Enemy" in a time war dubbed: "The War in Heaven". The series is also notable as giving the closest glimpse of an ongoing Time War so far seen in the Doctor Who universe.

Here's the blurb:

"'You will make war with the beast of the city, and the people will be grateful, and in this way will your fame be fortified.'

Every fifty-two years, the God Xiuhtecuhtli - incarnate for the purpose as a young Mexica male - would give himself in sacrifice in order that the universe should be renewed and the passage of time would continue as it had done before. Those born to other cultures and other eras might be forgiven for their failure to appreciate this great and selfless act.

It was therefore strange that such a profound understanding should arise in one so far removed from the heart of this world, both veteran and victim of the terrible, endless war in heaven, a man the Mexica knew briefly as Coahualxiu bearing a death wish the size of creation..."

Against Nature is available from Obverse Books at a price of £14.95, or if you are only looking for a copy for your Kindle, just £8.04. Just for you die-hard collectors out there, Obverse have kindly released the new novels at an identical height to those published by Mad Norwegian Press, just so they look nicer on your bookshelf - aren't they nice?


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