Monday, 17 June 2013

Queen's Birthday Honours: Doctor Who Honourees

The Queen's just had a birthday (not her actual birthday, her official birthday as head of state; it's a bit complicated). Therefore we have the Queen's Birthday Honours List, which is meant to celebrate the achievements of British citizens who have done Quite Nice Things that the establishment would like to acknowledge. This year there's eleven hundred and eighty people being so honoured, and three actors associated with Doctor Who received CBEs. Rowan Atkinson was awarded his CBE "For services to Drama and charity". The latter of which likely refers to Atkinson's regular volunteer work for Comic Relief, among his other charities, which is how he came to be associated with Doctor Who. He played the Doctor in Steven Moffat's Red Nose Day sketch "The Curse of Fatal Death". Claire Bloom, who was the mysterious Woman in White in "The End of Time," earned her CBE "For services to Drama". Julian Glover played Richard the Lionhearted in "The Crusade" and performed in a few Faction Paradox audios, but his most famous Doctor Who role was as Scaroth in "City of Death". His CBE was also for his dramatic work. Finally, David Haig was awarded an MBE for his services to drama as both actor and playwright (he played Pangol in "The Leisure Hive").

The BBC had a couple of quotes from the honourees: Rowan Atkinson said "It came as a genuine surprise and is a great honour" (much more dignified than his partner in crime Tony Robinson, who said he was "flattered and a little gob-smacked," but then Robinson was given a knighthood). Claire Bloom was "thrilled and surprised," and said she would be nervous coming to the Palace to accept the award (odd to think of one of the best known, longest-going actresses in the UK having stage fright). No comment from Julian Glover, unfortunately, but then again he's probably busy rehearsing for another high-profile major media franchise.


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