Wednesday, 19 June 2013

'The Doctor's Daughter' free on iTunes in the UK.

Sunday 16th June was Father's Day - in case you missed it - and to celebrate the BBC have released the series 4 episode, The Doctor's Daughter for free on iTunes.  Why is this relevant today?  It's still free!  Behold as the Doctor and Donna (and Martha, 'cos we all love Martha) stumble across a planet at war!  Marvel as real-life daughter of the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davidson, messes with our heads and (possibly the fabric of space and time) as the on-screen daughter of the Tenth (her future husband)!  Wonder whether we'll ever see the character of Jenny again!  All this and more!

Slightly flippant synopsis aside, this is an entertaining enough episode and, in case I haven't stressed it enough already, it's free!  You can find it in the iTunes store here (click 'view in iTunes' to download it), or you can search for it directly in iTunes itself.  Hurry

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