Sunday, 16 June 2013

Tony Lee, the Doctor, and the Wild(e) West

IDW announced at the MCM London Expo this weekend that Tony Lee will be returning to write the Doctor Who ongoing series for a four-part story arc. Lee, known for his work on the IDW Doctor Who series and the Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover, will be taking the Doctor and Clara on a journey to the old west. There they will meet numerous famous faces like Oscar Wilde, Calamity Jane, Thomas Edison, and Wild Bill Hickok, all while fighting off aliens and zombies.

In addition to writing Doctor Who comics and audios for Big Finish, Lee has also written for the Big Finish series The Confessions of Dorian Grey. Not surprising then that Dorian Grey's creator will be teaming up with the Doctor in Lee's comic story.

Lee's story arc Dead Man's Hand kicks off in issue #13 of the Doctor Who ongoing with art duties filled by Michael Collins. To find out more about IDW's Doctor Who comics, click here.


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