Friday, 19 July 2013

"But is it bigger on the inside?": TARDIS Artwork

The Salem News reports on the creation of a rather nifty TARDIS installation. Quite an amusing article at the link: local artist Amanda Dunham successfully won a slot for an "Art Box" public art project, which involved painting the Massachusetts town's utility boxes. She crafted a very faithful duplication of the familiar police box design, up to and including the St. John Ambulance badge, but then "received an email from the city that said some residents had expressed concerns about the wording on the box, worried that it could be confused with an actual police call box."

Apparently a social media campaign promptly sprung up to defend the newly painted piece (comments on Facebook, that sort of thing), but all turned out well in the end. The debate over whether a utility box could be confused with a genuine police-calling device was resolved in favour of common sense, the mayor's office announced that the blue box would be allowed to stay, and Dunham seems pleased at the response to her work. “I started thinking of something that would be significant to Salem, and the TARDIS is a time machine. It invokes the past and present...Salem being a place of historical importance, as well as a new art scene, it’s not just about the past, it’s about the present. I’ve gotten a lot of beeps as I’m painting... I want it to be a positive thing for the city.”

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