Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Doctor Who fan? The National Media Museum wants to hear from you!

With the 50th anniversary fast approaching, it's fair to say that there is an awful lot going on in the world of Doctor Who this year.  From the anniversary special itself and all that the BBC is doing to make the most of this event, to the bandwagon-jumpers who are happy to attach the DW logo to whatever they're selling in an effort to raise their own profile, to the smaller events happening all over - there's plenty to keep fans occupied.

The National Media Museum in Bradford, however, is going to be hosting an exhibition with a difference.  Rather than being made for fans, but about the show, this one is about the fans themselves and they want us to take part.  Fifty Years of Doctor Who Fans will celebrate the 50th anniversary by exploring people's devotion to the show.
What does Doctor Who mean to the fans? What makes a fan? How do they demonstrate their affection?
To help answer this question in the exhibition, the National Media Museum wants to hear from the fans themselves.
Are you a Doctor Who fan? Your memorabilia and stories could become part of our Fifty Years of Doctor Who Fans exhibition. If you have any collectibles, souvenirs, fan art or interesting Doctor Who stories, please get in touch.
And they really mean it.  You can email them at with a picture of your item and a 100 word explanation of why you have it, when you got it and why you love Doctor Who.  They're accepting submissions (by email only) until 9th August.  After that, if they are interested in making your item and story part of the exhibition, then they'll be in touch.  So, if you have a piece of memorabilia with a story to tell, you might want to start preparing your email now!

The National Media Museum in Bradford aims to be 'the best museum in the world for inspiring people to learn about, engage with and create media'.  Doctor Who is certainly one of the best media franchises int he world for doing exactly that, so it seems a pretty neat fit.  You can find out more about the museum, and about their Fifty Years of Doctor Who Fans exhibition at the National Media Museum website.


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