Thursday, 25 July 2013

Doctor Who Magazine 463: How the show nearly didn't return and the 12th Doctor Audition Scripts

This month's issue of Doctor Who Magazine has some really interesting, perhaps even surprising stuff squeezed between its covers.  As well as all the usual features and extras, there are a series of articles relating to the tenth anniversary of the start of production on the new series, including an interview with Jane Tranter, Controller of Drama Commissioning for the BBC at the time.  What she has to say is particularly interesting as she explains how Mark Thompson, then Director General of the BBC, had asked her to stop production on the show because Michael Grade, the man who  got rid of Colin Baker, gave us the hiatus and ultimately helped to get Doctor Who cancelled the first time, had just stepped into the role of Chairman of the BBC.
When he [Grade] arrived as [the BBC’s new] Chairman, Mark Thompson was back as [its] Director General and [he] actually asked me if we could stop [production of Doctor Who]. - Courtesy of Digital Journal.
Tranter goes on to explain how she lied through her teeth to keep production rolling, because she believed that the return of Doctor Who was the right thing for the BBC to pursue.  Ten years later, as one of the corporation's flagship shows, Doctor Who seems to have proven her right.  It sounds like a fascinating story.

Also in this month's issue are three short scene script extracts which Steven Moffat has released, saying they are to be used for the twelfth Doctor auditions.  Whilst the scenes are for audition only and will not feature in any future episodes, they are all entertaining in their own right and interesting for the purposes of imagining what the twelfth Doctor will be like.  One is a scene immediately after regeneration with the Doctor speaking to Clara and discussing how his (or her) body has changed, another features a confrontation with a Cyber Leader and the final extract is a quiet conversation with a boy in his bedroom and about what happens when the lights go out.

It's very easy to read them in the voice of the eleventh Doctor, which is most probably deliberate.  Moffat won't want to give too much away about the new Doctor and auditioning actors and actresses will have to work very hard to portray someone new.  I have to admit, I wouldn't mind seeing some of those auditions in progress.

Doctor Who Magazine #463 is out today priced £4.75.



otto said...

So now the September issue of DWM is released at the end of July... this is a bit weird

Chris George said...

Magazines often are... I can't claim to understand them...