Saturday, 13 July 2013

It's A-MAZE-ING - 1,000 Foot Dalek Maze for the 50th Anniversary Now Open to the Public

Doctor Who fan and farmer Tom Pearcy has created a Dalek Maze in celebration of the 50th Anniversary. The maze is the biggest ever image of a Dalek (easily beating out that giant inflatable Dalek that was seen going down a street a few months ago). The maze opened to the general public today and is open until Monday 2nd September.

A special sci-fi day is also arranged for Saturday, July 27th,where visitors will come face to face with the Daleks, peer inside the TARDIS and take part in other fun Doctor Who and sci-fi activities.

The maze measures over 300m (1,000 feet) long and is cut out of an 18-acre field of more than 1 million maize plants.

The maze also features images of William Hartnell and Matt Smith, where it all began and where it is now.

 Colin Baker said: “It is fantastic to see how much interest there is in the 50th anniversary of the show. I have been invited to join events all over the world this year, but what York Maze have created with their giant maize maze has to be one of the most imaginative ways to mark the 50th anniversary I have seen.

“Who would have thought almost thirty years after I played the Doctor that the show would continue to go from strength to strength reaching a new generation of fans? It is great that children and their families will be able to have their own Doctor Who-inspired adventures in the York Maze this summer.”

It has already appeared in both local and national news outlets, including a couple of videos embedded below.

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