Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lakeland celebrates 50 years of Doctor Who with cakes!

Well, sort of.  You'd have to bake them yourself, you understand, but it is true that the popular British home and cookware chain, Lakeland is celebrating the upcoming 50th anniversary of Doctor Who in style, with a delightfully quirky range of baking products and party accessories.  There are Dalek cupcake cases and toppers (as shown above), chocolate moulds in the shape of weeping angels, the TARDIS and K-9, a TARDIS cupcake stand and many, many more items besides.  It's all you need to create the ultimate Doctor Who anniversary party for your children (or significant others... or just yourself).

[Insert Extermi-cake joke here ]
To be honest, it was a complete surprise when some friends of mine pointed this out to me from Lakeland's most recent catalogue, as it didn't seem to be the kind of thing they usually do (Doctor Who, not bakeware), but. thinking about it, it makes perfect commercial sense and after all, why not go to town with a Dalek cake and straws and TARDIS bunting?  It would be great for something like a birthday party at any time, but the idea of a big celebration on the 23rd November in the comfort of one's own home sounds like a really good idea to me.
Two British institutions in one
delightfully refreshing pot.

It also makes me wonder: what other things will people be doing as individuals or small groups on the anniversary?  Do any of you have plans more grand than simply watching the 50th anniversary special?  What about themed bakes or other clever edibles, especially those made without the help of a major retailer?  If so we'd really love to hear about them!

You can see Lakeland's whole range of Doctor Who products at their 50th anniversary microsite.


FoxInMyBox said...

This doesn't really do much for the Dalek's image does it?

Chris George said...

But who doesn't want to eat a tin can filled with a gooey tentacular incarnation of evil?