Friday, 26 July 2013

One-day SF writing course with Ben Aaronovitch

The Guardian is running one of their Masterclasses on "How to Write Science Fiction", and Ben Aaronovitch is going to be one of the participants in the 28th September class. Here's the description: "On this one-day course award-winning steampunk novelist Liesel Schwarz will teach you the vital components of writing great speculative fiction, from building credible worlds and engaging characters to devising compelling plots and ultimately pitching your completed novel to agents and publishers. Practical workshops will enable you to finesse your own writing, so you leave with a plan for how to make a book work on every level for some of fiction's most demanding readers.

Liesel will be assisted by leading literary agent Oliver Munson, one of the few agents working in this field and bestselling SFF [sic] author and screenwriter Ben Aaronovich, whose work includes the Rivers of London series of novels as well as screenplays for Doctor Who and Blake's 7."

There's only sixteen slots, though, so if you want to go you'd best sign up right away. It'll be at the Guardian building, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London. Starts at 10am, though check-in is a half hour earlier, and ends at 5pm. It also costs £229, which the Guardian helpfully notes includes lunch and refreshments.

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