Monday, 22 July 2013

Paul Magrs offering fiction-critique services

Paul Magrs, DW novelist, Big Finish writer and creator of Iris Wildthyme, has started a "Fiction Doctor" critique service for would-be writers. So here's his pitch for all who might be interested...

"Professional novelist and creative writing tutor Dr Paul Magrs offering fiction critiques by email. Practical, constructive, focused feedback at reasonable rates with a quick turnaround."

"Mission Statement"

"Only you can write your stories. There's no one else can make them up, or remember them, or tell them like you can. No one can do it for you. But sometimes life gets in the way and formal education lets you down and experience takes away your confidence to write the way you would like to. I think anyone can be tutored in developing their voice and creating work they can be proud of. The rules aren't the same for everyone, and much of writing is about learning which rules to break. It's a huge challenge - trying to write something that other people will want to read. But through constructive criticism and feedback I can help people to get there."

"I’m a novelist who’s taught how-to-write fiction courses for twenty years in workshops, residential courses and universities. I’m the author of books for grown-ups and young adults and I can help with fiction in any genre, for any age group. I’m now offering one-to-one tuition by email for writers at any stage – from beginners to professionals.

"How it works -
You submit 5k words – your story or chapter submitted as a word doc attachment. (NB – I can deal with any fictional genre (eg, SF, historical, fantasy, romance, literary) – or memoir, or narrative non-fiction.) I'll reply with a 500 word critique – tackling plot, structure, characterisation, further suggestions - not copy-editing or rewriting, but constructive criticism towards your next draft. Further details and rates, etc, can be found on my blog - and you can contact me directly with queries by email –"

So there's a Facebook page, and a post about it on his main blog, and his initial thoughts about doing a fiction critique service, and a secondary blog just for the Fiction Doctor (so far, various glowing endorsements from students and colleagues), and a mention of it on his Twitter.

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