Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Phillip Hinchcliffe returns to Doctor Who - on audio

Big Finish have announced that Phillip Hinchcliffe, much beloved producer of Tom Baker's first three years as the Doctor, is going to be doing two Fourth Doctor and Leela stories for release in August 2014. Doctor Who: Philip Hinchcliffe Presents will have a six-parter set in Victorian London (adapted by Marc Platt, apparently) and a four-parter. “My aim with the box set is to create stories that feel they could belong to my second or third season,” says Phillip. “They are not designed to follow on from my era, more to re-evoke it for fans who enjoyed the originals: and so the Doctor and Leela in these new stories are the same as they were then, in the glorious seventies! That's the beauty of radio - they look and sound the same!" The series is available for preorder now.


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