Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Read an Extract From Malorie Blackman's Doctor Who: The Ripple Effect

The Guardian have published an extract from the latest Puffin Doctor Who eBook. It is written by Malorie Blackman and is called The Ripple Effect. It will be released on the 23rd for £1.99, and a video introduction will be released on the 11th.

You can read the extract below:
'DOCTOR!' Ace shouted.
The Doctor looked up and froze, but only momentarily.
The Dalek hadn't seen him yet, so the Doctor seized his opportunity. He grabbed the
quantum stabiliser out of his pocket, flicked it to the 'High' setting and pointed it at the
intruder. The Dalek must have seen him in its peripheral vision, but just as it started to turn
the Doctor activated the stabiliser. There was a high-pitched whine and a beam of light shot
out of the end, bathing the Dalek in a violet glow. The Dalek's eye and arms drooped
immediately and its momentum left it coasting across the floor until it bumped gently into the
console and stayed still.
'Blimey! That was close. Is it dead?' Ace was having trouble catching her breath.
'No,' the Doctor replied. 'Just stunned. A quantum stabiliser isn't exactly a weapon.'
He stood for a moment looking at the disabled Dalek. 'Very odd! It doesn't seem to have a
Surprised, Ace came closer to look. 'Oh yeah, no ray gun.'
Instead of having the usual manipulator arm on the right and a ray gun capable of
hurling lethal energy bolts on its left-hand side, this Dalek just had two manipulator arms.
More noises from outside jolted the Doctor out of his analysis. 'We have to get the
door closed.' He moved past Ace and raised the quantum stabiliser again. 'There may be
more of them.'
But before he could reach the door, a small crowd of children of assorted alien races
rushed in and he was left brandishing the tool directly in the face of a tall, pretty dark-brownskinned girl of about fifteen years old, who had intricate multicoloured markings of tiny birds round her hairline and running down the sides of her neck. The Doctor tried to peer round her
to see if the children were being pursued by metal monsters, but the girl side-stepped in front
of him so he could see nothing.
'What did you do?' she demanded. Her expression was equal parts anger and concern.
'I ... er ...'
'Did you hurt him?' The girl pointed at the disabled Dalek.
'Him?' echoed the Doctor. 'Did I hurt him? My dear girl, did he hurt you?'
'I can see from your ship that you're a Time Lord, but are you an idiot as well?' she
asked, after glancing around. 'And give me that!' She snatched the quantum stabiliser out of
the Doctor's hand like a teacher confiscating a dangerous toy from a naughty child. With
another scathing look, she joined the other children huddled round the Dalek, touching it and
running their hands over the metal as if stroking a wounded kitten.
The Doctor wasn't the only one to be totally confused. Ace had never, ever seen
anyone show a Dalek affection. Before either of them could say anything else, three more
Daleks arrived. Two of them approached their disabled comrade, while the third hung back,
effectively blocking the door. Fortunately, none of these was armed either, though their
manipulator arms were still powerful enough to crush a human skull like a hen's egg.
Now that more Daleks had arrived, the girl turned back to confront the Doctor. 'What
are you?' she asked. 'Some kind of thug?'
The Doctor's mouth fell open. For once he was lost for words.
'Well?' she pressed. 'What possible excuse can you have for attacking a defenceless

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