Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Russell T Davies - 'SJA Character planned to be Gay'

Blogtor Who is reporting that Luke Smith, Sarah Jane Smith's son (Tommy Knight) from The Sarah Jane Adventures, would have been gay if they'd been able to carry on with the series. And oddly enough, it was CBBC's idea. Fourth series SJA story "Death of the Doctor" has been included as an extra on the upcoming DVD release of "The Green Death" (because of Katy Manning's presence on both, presumably). Katy Manning and Russell T Davies did an audio commentary for the story, in the course of which he explained the intended storyline.

"Tommy refers to his friend Sanjay. Now had we continued, Sanjay would have been Luke's boyfriend. Because children's BBC wanted to have - I've never said this in any interview anywhere - wanted us to have a gay character on children's BBC. Just a normal gay character. And so they said to us, 'Can you do that with Sarah Jane' and, I don't even think some of the writers on the show know this, because obviously we got taken off air sadly. Tommy wanted to come back into the show and we were going to approach him and say, 'Do you mind if he's gay and has a boyfriend?' So that was the plan, because of Steven Andrew [then Head of Drama and Acquisitions for CBBC] wanted it but it never came to pass. Isn't that sad? It's a shame."

Davies also said that one suggestive line was cut from Joseph Lidster's earlier story "The Nightmare Man": "In the very last scene he says goodbye and Sarah Jane says, 'Have a lovely time at university. You'll grow up, you'll find a girlfriend,' and he says, 'Oh, could be a boyfriend!' And she goes, 'Well, as long as it's not alien, I don't care!' We ended up cutting it."

Presumably the line went because our Sarah Jane wouldn't actually care whether it was a girl, boy, or alien who her son was dating...



thomas meehan said...

Aww I might make a spin off with luke as gay

Pete Caldwell said...

Okay, so could there not be a special or maybe 2-3 epi run showing Luke and K9 at Uni? I mean not just to do the gay storyline - but as a way to give some closure to SJA. I mean is Sarah Jane still alive in her world, did the character die as is usually the case when the actor or actress in the real world dies, and if so surely that would be a story worth exploring. Always felt there should have been some sort of wrap epi dealing with the aftermath of Sarah Jane dying, not from aliens but just a normal tragic event as happens to us all at some point or another. I know everyone was absolutely crushed and especially the little ones who loved SJA, surely it would be a great way to help children in the real world who have gone and will go thru such things, with Luke having to face his future without his Mum, and K9 to talk his feelings to that he might not be able to even tell Rani or Clyde (or Sanjay). Would love to see Luke and K9 battling aliens at Uni, would be awesome spin off of a spin off!