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Steven Moffat on 50th Anniversary Length, 12th Doctor and Series 8 Airdate

Not quite the end yet!
Entertainment Weekly recently spoke to Steven Moffat regarding some of the fandom's most sought after queries. The top of these would be who the 12th Doctor is and, due to the confusion caused by the conflicting tales of Moffat and BBC Worldwide's press releases, the length of the 50th Anniversary. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Previously, it has been said that the new Doctor will be revealed in August, but due to the nature of the beast that is the internet, Steven Moffat commented that “unless we have an insane plan, we’ll announce a new Doctor within days of finalizing the new Doctor. I think we’ll go public pretty fast.”

On the search for the 12th Doctor: “Well, it’s always just terrifying… When you’re suddenly faced with the reality that you are going to sit there and you are going to make that decision it does feel absolutely chilling. There’s a very big range of people who could play it and different ways you could go with it. We must get this right. One false move and the show’s over.” He did, however, refuse to comment on the gender of the 12th Doctor.

Moffat also explained that we will see the 12th Doctor "in the closing moments"of the Christmas special as it is "traditional".

A lot of people are worried that we will have to wait several months again due to a summer/autumn broadcast, and it looks like that is "probably right. But these things change so often."

He commented on when he found out that Matt was leaving: “Well, I’ve known broadly speaking for a very long while because I knew how long, when he first came in, he was broadly speaking intending to do. And obviously, being the man I am, I always tried to persuade him to do longer and to do more and he [stayed] a little bit longer than he intended to. I knew that he would do what most of them do and do his three years.”

He also revealed how Matt's timeline was all planned out beforehand: “We discussed ages ago that we would do three series and then he would do the 50th and then he’d do Christmas. That was Plan A for a very, very long while. That may sound cold that it was so far in advance but you’ve got to plan a career. [Laughs] The question was, “Will I be able to talk him out of it?” We went out for lunch and he said that he’d come very close to doing another series but it was the same argument: “If I do another series, I think I might do two more series, or three more series. I think I might never leave.” It’s that thing of wanting to leave while you’re a huge hit and not let it tail off.”

On the length of the 50th anniversary special, Moffat has remained saying what he has always said: “I think you could call it movie-length, yeah. I mean, I’m saying that with a slight hint of vagueness because I don’t know the finished running time. [Laughs] It’s certainly well over an hour.”
If we judge from Sherlock, this would mean 90 minutes, although "movie-length" can be anywhere from 90 to more than 180.

He also explained how the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor's acted among one another: “They’re quite a fun pairing, I would say. There’s a bit of the normal joshing of each other but they’re both such enthusiastic Doctors. While they might be sort of competing slightly, they’re both standing there saying, “Oh god, it’s so cool, there’s two of me!” So, it’s very different. I think the other one that worked brilliantly was Jon Pertwee and Patrick Troughton. They were incredibly funny together. This is very different from that but it’s a sublime double act.” He further mentioned John Hurt's Doctor as being "a whole new Doctor played by a proper screen legend.”

What would come as sad news to some, Moffat has commented on his future working on the show: “I’ve signed up for this next year, with the new Doctor. It’s one of those jobs when you know when you’ve had enough. At the moment I haven’t had enough and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’m very excited for the challenge of the new Doctor and establishing that new Doctor. So, no plans to leave as yet. “ He has previously commented that he is "nearer the end than the beginning", so we still believe that series 8 will be his second-to-last series (or maybe even his last!).


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