Friday, 26 July 2013

"Who Are You Supposed To Be?": Edinburgh Fringe Comedy

For anyone interested in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the comedy circuit, there'll be a Doctor Who-involved program from 14 to 16 August, put on by Australian Binka Boo Productions. Blurb: "Classic tale of a boy in a TARDIS t-shirt standing in front of a girl dressed as the Fifth Doctor, asking her to love him... and a girl demanding to know why she can’t be the Doctor or Han Solo or Captain Reynolds. They’d be star-crossed lovers (Wars and Trek, obviously) but they have so much in common - surely they can find the time and space to fall in love? This is a story about wanting to feel safe, to be appreciated and how far we’ll go to find people like us."

It's been written by Keith Gow (who wrote up a handy summary with links to relevant reviews) and directed by Emrys Matthews; the performers are Jennifer Lusk and Cameron K. McEwan. Tickets are approximately ten pounds, and the shows will start at 3:40 and run for sixty-five minutes.

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