Wednesday, 28 August 2013

BBC Writer's Room Interview with Steven Moffat

Fairly straightforward, really; the BBC Writers Room people did a video interview with Steven Moffat. Blurb: he talked about "what’s involved in being a showrunner on Doctor Who, how he develops his characters and why writers’ should embrace writer’s block. He discusses working on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, and shares his thoughts on the future of television drama and why it’s so exciting that “the rules that have formed are about to disappear”.

No, we're not exactly certain why a video that was apparently recorded back in June for the TV Drama Writers' Festival is around now, but hey, it's there to enjoy. Steven Moffat's views on showrunning and his distinctions between writing, establishing the tone of a show, and going to meetings and suchlike are intriguing comments into his perspective on how Doctor Who ought to work.

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