Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Big Finish's August Titles Released

This morning Big Finish released their August Doctor Who titles to the Companion Chronicles and their monthly range.

The latest monthly release is Doctor Who: Starlight Robbery, which marks the first appearance of the Sontarans in a Seventh Doctor audio adventure. The story is the second in a trilogy featuring former Nazi, Elizabeth Klein, and her geeky companion, Will Arrowsmith. Together, the Doctor, Arrowsmith, and Klein encounter Garundel - from last years' Doctor Who: Black and White - who is selling weapons to the Sontarans to aid in their latest scheme.

Doctor Who: Starlight Robbery is written by Matt Fitton, and is available for £14.99 on CD, or £12.99 on download.

The Companion Chronicles release this month is Doctor Who: The Alchemists. The story was originally set for release in April of this year, before being delayed and exchanged with Doctor Who: The Library of Alexandria. The story brings the First Doctor and Susan to Berlin in the early 1930s, as Hitler and his political party is on its way on the path to power.

Doctor Who: The Alchemists is written by Ian Potter, and is available for £8.99 on CD, or £7.99 on download.

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