Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Doctor Who Figurine Collection trailer

Launching on the 28th August, the Doctor Who Figurine Collection is a partwork to be published fortnightly, celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who through character figurines.  There are currently plans for 80 figures featuring many monsters, classic and modern as well as all eleven Doctors so far.  It will even feature a range of Daleks and Cybermen, covering every era!

The first issue will cost just £2.99, with each subsequent issue priced at £6.99.  There are, however, many bonuses for subscribers,  including a display plinth worth £14.99, a binder worth £6.99, some exclusive Dalek figures (including this awesome 1:42 scale Emperor Dalek) and optional upgrade issues featuring a further set of 7 rare Dalek figures at £7.99 each.  It looks like a must for anyone who likes collecting figures and I have to say, I'm sorely tempted.

You can find out more, and place pre-orders, at the official website.


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Thomas said...

Sadly... no shipping to germany :-(