Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor Overnight Viewing Figures at 6m

According to the Overnight Viewing Figures, the live Doctor Who reveal show was the most watched show of the night, with 6.27 million viewers, 30.2%.

Countryfile continued its impressive Sunday ratings with 5.62m (23.4%) at 8pm, while The White Queen dipped to 3.40m (14.8%) at 9pm.

On BBC Two, the final Top Gear of the series climbed to 4.68m (19.5%) at 8pm. Documentary Das Auto: Germans, Their Cars & Us was seen by 2.22m (9.7%) at 9pm.

ITV's Tipping Point quizzed 3.82m (18.5%) at 7pm, with a further 178,000 (0.7%) on +1. All Star Mr & Mrs entertained 3.36m (14.0%) at 8pm (271k/1.2% on +1). Law & Order: UK's latest episode lost just under 400k viewers to 3.91m (17.1%) at 9pm (318k/2.0%).

On Channel 4, the second episode of The Mill dropped around 500k from last week to 1.98m (8.2%) at 8pm (297k/1.3%).

Rory Kinnear drama Southcliffe premiered to 1.88m (8.2%) viewers at 9pm (289k/1.8%).

Channel 5's Once Upon a Time continued with 711k (3.0%) at 8pm (108k/0.5%), followed by the latest Big Brother with 1.21m (5.3%) at 9pm (225k/1.4%).

On BBC Three, Family Guy was the most-watched multichannel show with 1.11m (5.9%) at 10pm and 1.06m (7.0%) at 10.30pm.

Our own live stream of the event held a solid 4,500 viewers, with a peak of over 5,000. (Doesn't sound like much in comparison but believe me, that's a fair bit!)

And to think, that future researchers will look back 10 years and wonder why Deadly 60 had a massive spike in viewers.


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