Sunday, 25 August 2013

Doctor Who Merchandise: Vortex Manipulator LCD Watch

Fancy becoming the next Time Agent? Well now you can, with the Vortex Manipulator LCD watch. This Doctor Who Vortex Manipulator LCD Watch features the time, a light, an adjustable pleather strap, and a removable cover.

At an RRP of £25.99 it's remarkably cheap for a prop replica and watch all-in-one combo, however you'll have to wait till its release date - 3rd January 2014.

You can buy it from Forbidden Planet at a pre-order price of £22.99.


Blondie98 said...

On forbidden planet it says 30th of september

Linda Steers said...

It says "Expected on Friday 03 January, 2014" so perhaps the issue date has changed.