Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Frazer Hines - Book and Audio Releases

In case you missed it...in addition to his work for Big Finish, Frazer Hines has been working on a brand new audio book called "The Piper's Lament", written by David J. Howe, which is now available for order from his sales website. Blurb: "This is not a Doctor Who audio, but the story of the early life of a Scottish Highlander, who has forgotten his name, and who has a blank patch in his life that he cannot account for."Also there's what look very much like killer aliens on the cover. But not remotely like Doctor Who at all, indeed not. £10.99, and you can have it signed and dedicated if you fancy. (He also read his autobiography Hines Sight - geddit? - which is available on the same terms, except for £15.99 instead. You can have a paperback version of same for £15.49, while the Kindle version is presently going for £6.17.)

Frazer's also just released a photobook with the impish title Fifty Shades of Frazer: A Life In Pictures. Blurb: "a full colour, softcover 10x8" 80 page book containing over 150 photographs from Frazer's life and career. Starting with personal pics of his family, and continuing through his film roles, early television, Doctor Who, Emmerdale and beyond. It's packed with pictures of Frazer with friends, actors, actresses, footballers, cricketers, horses ... and attending charity galas, sports events, from television and film and beyond." This is available only in paperback, and it's going for £16.50. Again, he's quite keen on the whole "signed and dedicated" service.

(We should note that the sales website is not to be confused with his Official Website, which is mostly pictures of him hugging Patrick Troughton, playing cricket, and being on Emmerdale and suchlike. And while we're at it, here's his Twitter, where he's been discussing the new releases, the Ashes, and Peter Capaldi with equal enthusiasm.)

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