Sunday, 25 August 2013

Gary Russell Does Mystery Project

This'll be more interesting news when we get more details, but here we go anyway.

Now if it was New Zealand, we could speculate it was a double fake-out for that "Peter Jackson directing an episode?" business, and perhaps BBC Worldwide would be sniffing out a co-production with a New Zealand telly company...but that's the wrong bit of the Antipodes. Pity. Maybe he'll bring back the K9 programme or something? Of course, if the tv show lasts any length of time then this will end up affecting Big Finish in some fashion; the Gallifrey audios he's been producing is due to wrap up in October, but someone else will have to take over for Bernice Summerfield. Still, it's not like Big Finish haven't done this before.

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Mercy Reborn 2 said...

i have no idea what series it will be but i wish them well its nice that we get people from overseas