Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Gerard Murphy Passes Away

Oh, and he was in "Batman Begins" too.
Nicholas Pegg is saying that Northern Ireland actor Gerard Murphy has died, at the age of fifty-seven. He was known largely for his extensive career in stage work, including the Royal Shakespeare Company and "The History Boys", but also did some radio (the narration for the BBC Radio version of "Lord of the Rings" that Peter Jackson liked so much) and a bit of telly, mostly in parts that seemed to have caught his fancy (a part in Father Ted,  the beleaguered detective in Charters and Caldicott, some Z Cars, that sort of thing). We're mentioning him because he played Richard Maynarde in "Silver Nemesis", but frankly, in comparison to his overall body of work that's probably not the part he'd like to be remembered for. Possibly more than for his part in Waterworld, though.

In lieu of any immediate newspaper obituaries, here's an excellent interview with the Yorkshire Post about his acting experience and taking over from Griffiths in "The History Boys".

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