Thursday, 1 August 2013

Giant straw Dalek constructed in Cheshire.

Okay, so it's not the twelfth Doctor announcement.  I can see that, no need to point it out.  As big news items go at this point in Doctor Who's history... this really isn't one of them.  Go on, scroll on down (or up) to the next big story.  It's fine.  I'm cool with it.

But if you stay, then don't you think this sculpture's pretty neat?  I mean, okay, so it is made of straw and thus the Doctor probably isn't the only Oncoming Storm it needs to worry about, but... it's so huge!  And it's really cleverly made.  Look at the finish on those Dalek bumps!

This 35ft tall, 6 tonne Dalek sculpture, made almost entirely of straw (there's a frame, and some moving parts - the arms, of course - as well as a sound system for audio) has been constructed by Snugbury's Ice Cream near Nantwich in Cheshire.  They have developed a reputation of producing a different topical sculpture every year and so it should come as no surprise that they should turn to Doctor Who in this anniversary year, although it was, apparently, a close run thing.  The design was chosen by Snugbury's customers and there were some other popular possibilities, as Hannah Sadler, Snugbury's marketing manager points out:
The Royal baby was a contender too, but this was the most popular choice, and we thought it would look pretty cool too.
I can only agree.  As well as the annual sculpture, Snugbury's always produce a matching ice cream cone.  This years 'DaLick' cone will see a percentage of the profits donated to Cancer Research.  Who'd have though the universe's worst creatures could work towards exterminating Cancer?  And serve ice cream whilst they do!


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Jeff T said...

Snugburys have been doing a giant straw sculpture for years. I was very fond of their Meerkat one. Theyre a bit tricky to find, but every time I'm heading to Chester or Flintshire I make a deliberate detour, because actually the ice cream is a bit special, scuplture or not.. ;) This one is likely to bring people in from all over the place. And it's nice to see they went for a 'classic' design shape.