Monday, 26 August 2013

Head of Character Options talks about future releases

Alasdair Dewar - product development director at Character Options - has recently spoken about his involvement in the creation of Doctor Who action figures:
“We got the gig in 2005 when two people turned up at the office. One was the head of licensing for the BBC at the time, Richard Hollis.
“They had been going around all the toy companies, saying, ‘Whoever gets the licence has to understand Doctor Who.’ I turned around and said to them, ‘I’ve got a police box at the bottom of my garden – does that count?’”
In the interview, Dewar talks about recent figures he has been asked to produce, one of them being a Union Jack Dalek, which he claims is to tie in with the fiftieth anniversary. Does this mean a Union Jack Dalek will feature in the story of the special? Or is it just a novelty item to reiterate to us that Doctor Who is a British show?

Later in the interview Dewar reports that Character Options are already planning a regeneration figure for Capaldi, and are awaiting an opportunity to scan Capaldi after he has finished filming for a Musketeers film. The regeneration figure will use the body of Matt Smith's action figure, with Capaldi's head slapped on the top - which makes it simple and realistic for Character Options to do so as they claim that they both have "a similar body shape and height."


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Kevin Richard Heasman said...

Now, the big question, in the scale of things, is what scale will they make this? I for one would love to have a new 12th figure to go with my Eleven Doctors set. Any chance of a small run of larger figures? Please?