Friday, 23 August 2013

IDW's Paul Cornell's Final Comic Shows Mysterious Incarnation Between 8 & 9

Bleeding Cool have spotted an additional hint in the latest hunt for the Hurtoctor evidence, that happens to date back a whole month to Comic Con.

Paul Cornell's final upcoming Doctor Who comic book story The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who had a couple of teaser pages released. In them, there is a clear shot of Matt Smith's Doctor looking at a picture of all his faces in the TARDIS. Between 8 and 9? A silhouette. This further adds to the previous pages from the IDW range that help hint at the fact. You can see the pages below.

The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who will be out Christmas Week, just before Matt's final episode airs.


Mercy Reborn 2 said...

that is intriguing

linimalD said...

Great artwork. Love that last panel especially.

Bub said...

I know the IDW Star Trek is tied to the movies; is that true of these too or is IDW basing all this on the same speculation as the rest of us?

shadow said...

I picked up this month's issue of Doctor Who while in the comic book shop this week, then put it back down after only the first two pages had anything to do with the flashback about Hurt's Doctor and the Time War. These teasers are nice, but I don't think IDW will give anything away, especially since their license is up soon. I mean all they did with Angel when they gave him to Dark Horse was erase everything they did with After the Fall. And yes, the Star Trek comics are interesting and pseudo-cannon, but they don't do anything bold with it.