Friday, 23 August 2013

Iris hits fifteen!

In September 1998, a silly old bat in a big old hat stepped out of her big red bus onto the page for the very first time. Now fifteen years later, Iris Wildthyme is celebrating her anniversary in Iris: Fifteen - a new collection of short stories from Obverse Books.

Iris is one of the most iconic characters the Doctor Who brand has ever produced. She was created by author Paul Magrs to act as a female counterpart to the Doctor, to have her own companions, and even her own TARDIS - the number 22 bus to Putney Common.

Iris' adventures frequently parodied that of the Doctor's, enough for the Doctor to once claim that she had "plagiarised his entire life". Her "relationship" with the Doctor has lasted since before the First Doctor's hair had "gone grey". River Song doesn't even get a look-in there!

Iris first appeared in the Doctor Who universe in the short story "Old Flames", where she flirted and pestered her way into a special place in the Fourth Doctor's heart. Iris has since then had several prose and audio adventures with the Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Doctors. The popularity of the character even led to a spin-off audio series, pairing Iris with her much-loved chum, Panda, a ten-inch tall stuffed toy.

Up until now the Doctor has had eleven faces, with the twelfth soon to follow. Iris is no different, having regenerated countless times, and now knows to avoid Kaled mutant as a main course option...

Iris: Fifteen is set throughout the life of the intrepid adventuress, and each of the short stories in the collection features a different incarnation of Iris; the one that first stepped on the Bus, to our current Iris (played by Katy Manning), and Iris' far into her future. The collection promises to show us that fifteen is just as good as fifty!

Iris: Fifteen is available to pre-order from the Obverse Books website, priced at £12.95. The book will be released in hardback as soon as it is off the printers in September, and those who preorder now will recieve an ebook copy of the book at the moment of its release.

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Ingold Inglorion said...

Love Iris! I love the way she adores the 5th Doctor but "doesn't care much" for the 6th. The Wormery and Excelis (especially the first Excelis story) are a riot...Manning and Davison play off each other well. A pity the New Who Regime hates Time Lords so much...there's a lot of mileage in that old bus.