Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Is Doctor Who the greatest British drama ever? Radio Times wants to know.

Doctor Who has had long relationship with the Radio Times...
As part of the Radio Times's 90th birthday celebrations (it even makes Doctor Who look young!) they want their readers to help them schedule a fantasy TV night - 'The Greatest TV Night Ever' - and the poll for the all-important drama slot has a strong showing of contenders.  From new shows like ITV's Broadchurch and classics like the BBC's 1979 adaptation of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy to long-running staples like Coronation Street and, of course, Doctor Who, there are options to suit all palates.

Perhaps controversially (and if so it is a controversy Radio Times is courting) Doctor Who also shares the list with one of its biggest awards rivals of recent years: Sherlock.  With a number of viewer-voted awards over the last few years failing to fall into either show's hands it has been suggested that a split vote resulting from a considerable crossover between the programmes' respective fanbases was the problem.  If that really is the case then it's possible that having both shows in this poll may dramatically decrease the chances of Doctor Who (or Sherlock, for that matter) receiving this (admittedly minor) accolade.  It's also worth noting that Downton Abbey is on the list and, whatever you might think about the ITV period drama, you can't deny it's not seriously popular.

Anyway, you can place your vote (and enter for your chance to win a completely unrelated European cruise) here.

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Matthew Clarke said...

I love Doctor Who, but the show is certainly not better drama than Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy. The two are in a different league.