Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Meet the people behind The Minister of Chance!

The Minister of Chance have announced on their official Facebook page that the production team behind the feature film will be in Cheshire on Sunday to meet fans of the series.
Beeston Castle in Cheshire will host The Minister of Chance production team on Sunday 25th August at 2pm. This highly acclaimed, award-nominated sci-fi/fantasy series moves from being a groundbreaking podcast to being a feature film, and this is your chance to peek behind the scenes and see how they do it! Producer Clare Eden, Director Dan Freeman, Props wizard Mike Kelly and crew members will be on hand to demonstrate the camera trickery they use to create alien weapons, rocketships, monsters and more.
Families will be able to walk through the doorway that The Minister uses to travel between worlds, and there will also be a World premiere: the first public view and test-firing of the beautiful Crystal Compression Pistol carried by Durian (Paul McGann) in the film. The team will then deliver the prop to The Grosvenor Museum in Chester, where it will go on display, landing by rocketship in the Roman Amphitheatre at 2pm on Sunday 1st September, thanks to a touch of digital mastery!
The Minister of Chance first appeared in Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time, where he was an ally of the Seventh Doctor. The character has since appeared in an audio series of the same name, which has stood apart from the life of the Doctor. Regular cast members include former Doctors Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann, who both play villains in the series.

Dan Freeman and the rest of the team at The Minister of Chance still need your help to make the film, so please donate generously to their campaign on the film's website. Those who make a donation can have their pick of a whole range of Minister-related goodies, so grab your piece of film history now!

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