Sunday, 18 August 2013

National Space Centre - "Science of the Time Lords"

The National Space Centre, in Leicester, has announced a Doctor Who event, 16 November from 10-5. It looks like "Science of the Time Lords" will take a kid-friendly approach to some of the technical queries the series raises (blurb questions: "Can I regenerate? Will we ever travel through time? How does the Sonic Screwdriver work?"). More interestingly, they've persuaded a nice selection of old companions to come along as well: Sophie Aldred, Nicola Bryant, Louise Jameson, and Frazer Hines. One expects there'll be a stampede to try out the ring modulator Nick Briggs has promised to bring along. Lee Sullivan, who's done any number of Doctor Who comics for DWM and the Radio Times, is doing a gallery of his related artwork. Exhibits, prizes, that sort of thing (they are terrifically excited about "Doctor Who COSPLAY!", apparently). And, of course, there will be a little shop flogging merchandise.

Tickets are thirteen pounds apiece for adults (and they throw in a showing at the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium, though you'll probably want the late booking for that so it doesn't overlap with the Doctor Who material), while children are eleven pounds. The guidebook and carpark are £5.50 extra.

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