Friday, 9 August 2013

New Big Finish Covers

Today Big Finish have released two covers for two of their 2014 releases.

The first cover is for Doctor Who: Luna Romana, which concludes the Companion Chronicles' trilogy celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of Doctor Who. Luna Romana stars Lalla Ward and Juliet Landau, who both play incarnations of the Time Lord Romana. Terry Molloy -best known as Davros in the Classic Series- plays the part of Quadrigger Stoyn, the central figure in the story.

The second cover is for the third series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures release, Doctor Who: White Ghosts. White Ghosts stars Tom Baker and Louise Jameson as the Fourth Doctor and Leela, who feature alongside Virginia Hey, best known for playing the character of Zhaan in cult series, Farscape.

Luna Romana is a double-length release, priced at £12.99 on CD, and £9.99 for a download copy. White Ghosts costs £10.99 for a CD release, and £8.99 for the download copy. Both stories are available for pre-order now, both singly and as part of a subscription.


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