Friday, 16 August 2013

Of Australian wine, Andrew Beech, and the Australian Doctor Who Commemorative Exhibit

So, here's an ABC Sydney "702 Breakfast" interview with the amusingly-off title "From Galafrey to Sydney" (to do them justice, perhaps the news staff enjoy the Australian winery by that name. No, really, the explanation of how the winery decided to pick a name just different enough from BBC copyright not to be sued, after a dinner party that involved copious sampling of their own product, is a hoot. "Galafrey was asked by the Dr Who Fan Club in London to produce the 1987 Chardonnay with an export label with a tardis on it specially for them." Although someone should tell them the best take on Gallifrey in the Welsh series was in "Gridlock".)

Ahem. The point is, 702 Breakfast did quite a decent eight-minute radio interview with Andrew Beech about a special Doctor Who Commemorative Exhibit. Which will be at at - surprise, surprise - the ABC Ultimo Centre in Sydney. Nice bit of cross-promotion, that is. Here's the website blurb: "A special commemorative exhibition of props and costumes from Doctor Who will be held at the ABC Ultimo Centre, Sydney, Australia from 15 August. The series comes to life in the ABC Atrium with a display of props from the show including the Tenth Doctor’s costume as played by David Tennant as well as Kylie Minogue’s costume from Voyage of the Damned. Also on display will be an Ood head, Cybermat, Tom Baker’s scarf, an original Dalek, an iconic TARDIS (which fans will be able to have their photo taken with) and much more. This free exhibition, which is open to all ages runs from 15 August until 31 January 2014." Weekday showings are nine to five, whereas weekends are a bit more complicated and their schedule goes like this:

Selected Weekends (Sat & Sun – 10am to 5pm)
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th August
Saturday 31st August & Sunday 1st September
Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October
Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd November
Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th November
Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th & Monday 27th January (Australia Day public holiday)

Also, no one's allowed in from 2 September to 8 September due to the federal election. Inevitably, there is also a little shop flogging merchandise, and that's open 10am - 4pm on selected weekends (mentioned above) from August to November.  (Not open Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th & Monday 27th January Australia Day public holiday - yes, we know, it's odd that the Exhibit is especially open that day and the shop isn't, so you'd best buy your Big Finish audios and Dalek pepper pot in advance).

ABC Commercial did the press release a while back, with all this info and a couple of quotes; "'The ABC has been the home of Doctor Who in Australia for all of its record-breaking 50 year history. I am delighted to be partnering again as we offer fans a chance to celebrate this important anniversary and to experience some of the wonderful history of this iconic and classic - BBC series,’ said Jon Penn, Managing Director, BBC Worldwide ANZ.

ABC Managing Director, Mark Scott said ‘I believe that in the long history of the ABC, there has only ever been one program for which we believed the Australian rights must cover all time and space dimensions—and that is the magnificent Doctor Who. We are delighted to be able to celebrate both its past and its endlessly fascinating future'."

Ahem. The actual eight minute interview with Beech is not so much a discourse about the Exhibit itself, as a pleasant ramble about Doctor Who fandom and how many episodes he's watched ("99%"). He keeps it fairly light, identifying himself just as the BBC "Doctor Who artefacts manager" when anyone familiar with, say, the Doctor Who Appreciation Society knows he's so much more than that as a fan. But then, he has to explain how Daleks are manned by real actors, so not much time for the niceties. It's still worth a listen, though.


Mercy Reborn 2 said...

i would like to see this exhibit

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