Saturday, 24 August 2013

Paul Cornell on Sexism, Comics, and Conventions

From Cornell's "Black Widow" miniseries
Paul Cornell's given an excellent interview about sexism in comics. He's a bit more optimistic about the companies than the fanbase, actually. “In the past, comics companies have tended to suggest diversity should 'happen naturally', as if when you leave a comic book open overnight gay men might grow in the pages like mustard and cress, so it's great that Marvel are now championing it, doing it deliberately. Because that's the only way it can be done. Jeanine's [Schaefer, his editor] a force for change. And there are a number of prominent female editors now who are altering the face of pro comics culture pretty swiftly." He goes on to talk about conventions, and how these days he insists that any panel he sits on must have at least one female participant. It's been a policy of his since Valentine's Day last year (for a while Cornell was insisting on 50/50 representation, too) and has meant he's had to pull out of some convention panel appearances. Cornell's still appearing at Gallifrey One, though, which says good things about Doctor Who fans...

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