Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Pressure Pad Tickets

The image of John B. we are all using to illustrate a show we don't have a trailer for yet
Remember John Barrowman's new show, Pressure Pad? They're doing audience studio signups, now. Blurb: "Lost in TV are also offering guaranteed entry tickets for John's fans for some of the 9.45am shows. If you are interested, please contact Lost in TV by phone on 0208 530 8100 or email your request to: Over 16s only may apply for studio tickets."
The available days are Thursday 12th September, Friday 13th September, Monday 16th September, Tuesday 17th September, and Wednesday 18th September, but you can only go to one. It's a BBC Scotland production, in Glasgow: the Lost in TV link with more information is here. They won't close auditions for contestants for the next week, if you fancy a go at that.

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