Friday, 23 August 2013

Random roundup: Jonathan Morris, Edgar Wright, Kate O'Mara, Arthur Darvill

Win a special No-Prize if you can deduce the connection between these four items.

Jonathan Morris is writing a Season 19 crew audio for Big Finish
Big Finish announced on their Facebook that Matthew Waterhouse was returning in 2014, complete with cast photo. Morris is into the second draft.
Edgar Wright explains why he hasn't directed Doctor Who
"I'm going to break your heart here, but I was offered the episode "Rose" by Russell T. Davies (the first of the new Doctor Who episodes) and I could not do it because I was busy with Shaun of the Dead. And my mother has never forgiven me."

Kate O'Mara has a Twitter
And yes, she'd quite like to return as the Rani. Colin Baker's following her already.

Arthur Darvill taking fan questions 
 It's very simple; you put your name and question into the submit form on, and in a few weeks Darvill writes responses. And they're encouraging questions about Doctor Who,  too, even though it's a promotion for his appearance in "Once".

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