Saturday, 10 August 2013

Titan Comics - Doctor Who Comics License?

Rich Johnston over on Bleeding Cool was first past the post last time about IDW losing the Doctor Who comics license, so his latest assertion that Titan Comics have been given the gig for the US is worth listening to. Perhaps to be taken with a grain or two of salt (there's been nothing official from Titan or BBC Worldwide just yet). Smith and Capaldi comics will start next year, he says (yes, theoretically we'll have seen Capaldi by then, but it makes sense to be doing Smith comics until the new Doctor has had a series and everyone knows what sort of person he is and what he looks like in action.)

Johnston also mentions that "something" might ease distribution of Titan DW comics in Britain; pure speculation, this, but it could entail an arrangement with Forbidden Planet (also owned by Titan's parent company Titan Entertainment Group). In which case, it'd be much easier for UK fans to obtain copies of the US comics...although where Panini would fit into that isn't clear. Interesting that it's not Titan Magazines that's been given the rights, when they're the division that did the Torchwood comic.

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