Monday, 26 August 2013

Watch The Doctor Who Proms 2013 BBC ONE Broadcast LIVE

The latest edition of the Doctor Who Proms will be broadcast today, in an hour, and for those of you who don't have BBC One, you'll be required to either stream it online or watch it afterwards so here's a list of methods:

  • I've collected together a few online streaming sites and embeds. You can access this here.
    • I've not yet added all of the streaming sites yet, however I've got the big ones IMHO.
    • It says it on the front page, but I'll say it here. A LOT of free online sites put up tons of adverts that are a pain. Make sure you have Adblock installed, and look out for the close button (the X's) on any popups/adverts that may appear. Some sites are a real stinker.
  • Use Hola Unblocker or Media Hint to access the iPlayer BBC 1 live stream.
    • Please note, that these are not recommended due to privacy concerns. They work by routing all your traffic through their servers. Servers and bandwidth need to be paid for and the only thing they have from you is all your activity through their services. If you use them, install for stream and uninstall afterwards.

If time zones are confusing you, you can click here to immediately compare time zones and your local time.


linimalD said...

Are these worth going to? Apparently we're having one here in New Zealand in February, and I'm trying to decide whether it's worth buying a ticket or not. I do love the music, but it seems to be more of a kids event, yeah?

Aldoh said...

Nope. Family event yeah. But the music and atmosphere are unmissable!