Monday, 2 September 2013

Could Big Finish have a New Series licence in the near future?

The question comes up quite often for Big Finish: "why can't you do stories with the New Series Doctors?" The current answer to this question is simple, Big Finish's licence doesn't cover the revival of Doctor Who. Big Finish currently only have the rights to produce stories for Doctors 1-8, and anything beyond that is strictly a no-go zone.
As some of you may know, this year Big Finish entered a partnership with AudioGo to produce the Destiny of the Doctor range, which features stories from each incarnation of the Doctor. As of this month, with yesterday's fantastic Doctor Who: Night of the Whisper, Big Finish have finally had the opportunity to write for the Ninth Doctor. Big Finish have also shown on their covers to Doctor Who: The Beginning and Gallifrey VI, that they are able to show elements from the New Series as long as special permission has been granted by Cardiff.

These instances of special permissions have led to an pique of interest among Doctor Who fans as to whether Big Finish has gained this licence already. Nicholas Briggs was asked in Vortex this month whether Big Finish could look into gaining the permission to use the new Doctors in their stories. Briggs replied with the following:
We find ourselves now in a situation where no other licences for Doctor Who merchandise differentiate between the old and new series, so perhaps this will be something for us to investigate in the future.
It goes without saying that if Big Finish does recieve the alteration to their licence, then their sales will sky-rocket as a result. Fans of the New Series will then be able to explore more about the Doctors they have seen on television, and may also begin to explore what came before then. Perhaps it's just a fanboy dream, but after this year things are looking increasingly more likely.

September's issue of Vortex was released today, and is available to read for free from the Big Finish website here.

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