Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Doctor Who: Gallifrey VI Trailer Released

Big Finish have uploaded the trailer for Gallifrey VI, a series which follows former Doctor Who companion Romana as Lady President of Gallifrey. Gallifrey VI picks up where series five left off, with Romana and friends defending their new Gallifrey from the threat of Dalek invasion. It has been confirmed that this series will see the team return to their own Gallifrey, which they left at the beginning of series four.
Gallifrey Fights…
Having infiltrated the Axis, the Daleks have secured access to a myriad alternative realities and, with them, countless Gallifreys… every one with secrets to be plundered.
As her new world falls to the might of the Dalek invasion force, Romana finds herself struggling to keep her friends alive as the Capitol collapses around her.
Against all odds, there may be a way out - back to the Axis and, potentially, back home. But desperate times call for desperate measures and, ultimately, sacrifices...
The cover of Gallifrey VI features the much loved Dalek design of the RTD era, which Gary Russell gained special permission to use for this final release in the Gallifrey series. The limits of this "special permission" is currently unknown, but fans have high hopes that it means that the series will tie-in to the launch of the Time War, which was heavily implied at the end of Gallifrey: Panacea.

Gallifrey VI is available for pre-order now, priced £25 on CD, and £20 on download from Big Finish's website. The boxed set will be released in October.

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