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More Info on Doctor Who Series 1-7 Blu-ray Boxset

The official Doctor Who site has released details on the Doctor Who Series 1-7 Complete Boxset however, they are very sketchy when it comes to anything more than an overview.

As previously posted, they are to include upscales of the Ninth and Tenth Doctor standard definition episodes upscaled to 1080p, alongside the Ten and Elevens's high definition episodes. Both of these will be spread across 29 discs. It is stated that all bonus features of the previous sets will be included.

Region A Pack Shot
Unfortunately, we are back to the battle of the regions again with conflicting versions, or so it appears since it is rather unclear right now.  Region A (USA) versions will include the Original Doctor Who Universal Remote Control Sonic Screwdriver based on The Eleventh Doctor's. It is also stated that Region A will include 3 art cards and an exclusive Doctor Who comic book, however it is unknown whether these will appear in Region B's release.

A bonus disc will also be included containing the following:
  • The Doctor Who Ultimate List of Lists from BBC America’s The Brit List - BBC America’s pop culture correspondent, Asha Leo is joined by special guest John Barrowman to announce the rankings of the “Top Five Companions,” “Top Five Scariest Moments,” “Top Five Best Monsters,” “Top Five Guest Stars” and “Top Five Things You’ll Only See on Doctor Who.”
  • Doctor Who at the Proms 2010 - Doctor Who’s own Karen Gillen and Arthur Darvill host a spectacular evening of music from the series played live by the London Philharmonic Orchestra at London’s historic Royal Albert Hall. Includes video projections, appearances by the monsters and a special guest appearance from Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith. For the first time, the collection will include the full 90-minute concert and has been remastered in 5.1 Surround Sound.
  • Doctor Who: The Best of the Christmas Specials - This previously unreleased special from December 2011 takes an inside look at the very best moments from the incredible Doctor Who Christmas specials that have captivated audiences around the world. A collection of fans from the celebrity, comedy, sci-fi and digital worlds discuss their favourite moments from both David Tennant and Matt Smith era Christmas episodes.
We are not sure if the bonus disc will feature on the Region A release, since both BBCAShop and Amazon state only 28 discs, although the USA press release includes it.

The layout of the boxset is as follows:
    Doctor Who: Series One (2005)

      Disc 1: Episodes 1-5 
      Disc 2: Episodes 6-10
      Disc 3: Episodes 11-13

    Doctor Who: Series Two (2006) 

      Disc 4: Xmas Invasion, Episodes 1-4
      Disc 5: Episodes 5-9
      Disc 6: Episodes 10-13

    Doctor Who: Series Three (2007)

      Disc 7: Runaway Bride, Episodes 1-4
      Disc 8: Episodes 5-9
      Disc 9: Episodes 10-13

    Doctor Who: Series Four (2008)

      Disc 10: Voyage of the Damned, Eps 1-3
      Disc 11: Episodes 4-7
      Disc 12: Episodes 8-11
      Disc 13: Episodes 12-13

    Doctor Who: Specials (2008-10)

      Disc 14: The Next Doctor, Planet of the Dead, The Water of Mars
      Disc 15: The End of Time, Parts One and Two
      Disc 16: Specials Bonus Features

    Doctor Who: Series Five (2010)

      Disc 17: Episodes 1-4
      Disc 18: Episodes 5-9
      Disc 19: Episodes 10-13
      Disc 20: Additional Bonus Features

    Doctor Who: Series Six (2011)

      Disc 21: Christmas Carol, Episodes 1-3
      Disc 22: Episodes 4-8
      Disc 23: Episodes 9-13
      Disc 24: Additional Bonus Features

    Doctor Who: Series Seven (2012-13)

      Disc 25: The Doctor, the Widow & the Wardrobe, Episodes 1-3
      Disc 26: Episodes 4-5, The Snowmen, Episode 6
      Disc 27: Episodes 7-11
      Disc 28: Episodes 12-13

    Doctor Who: Giftset Bonus Disc 

      Disc 29: Additional Specials

 There are still unanswered questions about the content that, since nothing has been said, we can only fear the worst. What about Children in Need's version? What about the TARDISodes? Will issues with previous releases be fixed? Will things such as Dreamland and The Infinite Quest be included? Will they include any more deleted scenes (such as a naked River Song)? Will the bonus features be upscaled too?

You can pre-order these online now. Region A can be ordered from BBC America Shop for $349.98 (or at Amazon for $314.99) and will be released on November 5th.. Region B can be ordered from BBC Shop for £167.25 (or at Amazon for the same price) and will be released on November 4th.

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I don't expect any additional deleted scenes, least of all the River one. Steven Moffat once tweeted that it was "too naughty. What was I thinking?"