Friday, 20 September 2013

New Doctor Who Game In The Works?

According to the Doctor Who Consumer Panel, a new Doctor Who video game may be in the works. The game is being designed for release on smartphone devices.
For the first time ever fans of Doctor Who will be able to interact with fifty years of beloved adventures, allies and enemies. Travel backwards through the Doctor’s timeline to face his deadliest foes and meet his most memorable companions. Through this epic adventure you will build a formidable army of companions, allies and past regenerations to take down a foe whose actions threaten to rip the universe apart.
The game has currently been suggested in the latest survey to fans. Questions in the survey asked about fans' thoughts on old Doctors, companions and enemies. Later questions asked thoughts on possible gaming platforms for a Doctor Who game, mainly focusing on smartphone releases. Some mock up screen caps were released to judge public opinion, but the language "not final" watermarked on the images does imply that a final released has been planned for.

What are your views on a future Doctor Who video game release? Would you prefer something similar to Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock released on consoles, or a safer, more simplistic portable release? 


Mark said...

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock was terrible. A side-scrolling platforming game? In this day and age?
The only decent games have been "The Adventure Games" while they lasted. More like that please.

Brian O'Neill said...

I thought "The Eternity Clock" was ok. My daughter loves it anyway.

Vertimyst said...

Honestly, I'd love it if BBC teamed up with Telltale for an episodic adventure game series. I know there are Doctor Who adventure games, but Telltale does them /really well/.

Christopher Allen said...

an episodic adventure could be an interesting way of retelling the missing episodes