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Saturday, 28 September 2013

#SaveTheDay Now Confirmed as Official Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Hashtag

The Sting for the 50th Anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, has just been shown on BBC One and it has revealed that #SaveTheDay is the official Twitter hashtag.

Please note, that ALL the sting contained is the hashtag being slowly (if you can call 2 seconds slowly) revealed.

For those after a trailer, there has been a specially-produced trailer that is now in post-production.


Nick Dickens said...

Great mini teaser XD

Anthony said...

Yes...or as its known to Steven Moffat's ex-lovers, #STD

PaulAspel said...

There was a little too much build up for this mini teaser, I think I would have felt slightly less disappointed if I hadn't of known that it was going to be on and just saw it. Still, it kind of feels like the 50th is now getting underway, roll one the trailer....