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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Smith will regenerate in a wig!

Dr Who Film Spoilers are claiming that Matt Smith will begin filming on his final story this weekend.

Matt Smith has confirmed this morning that he will start shooting the Christmas Special on Sunday. And be wearing a wig :)
Smith cut his hair earlier this year before travelling to America to film Ryan Gosling's 'How to Catch a Monster'. Fans have speculated for months whether his hair will have grown back in time for filming his final story. Smith was most recently seen at the GQ Men of the Year Awards yesterday with the same short haircut, casting further doubt that Smith would appear in the special with his regular 'do.

The 2013 Christmas special will be broadcast on the 25th December, and will mark the first appearance of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.



Christopher Martin said...

Could have made it a plot point and have the Doctor escape from prison..

whopix said...

he's been Doctor Wiggy before so that's a relief. [Impossible Astronaut, Wedding of River Song] and if it's good enough for McGann...

srmcd1 said...

Not that McGann would agree with you...

Although Hartnell wore a wig the entire time he was on the show, so it's not like we're breaking new ground here.

Mercy Reborn 2 said...

that is a good idea saying he was forcibly indentured into aspace navy and only just escaped