Friday, 13 September 2013

Tom Baker to return as the Fourth Doctor?

This morning Twitter went crazy as fans reacted to new images that appear to show Tom Baker back in the scarf as the Fourth Doctor. Filming is currently taking place in London.
Currently no-one knows what this is for, it could be filming for the rumoured prequels to the Anniversary Special featuring all the living classic Doctors, or could even be a fan project from fans angry at Tom's non-involvement in the Anniversary.

If this is something official, then it is likely that the BBC will announce the details soon, as they did when filming the anniversary special with David Tennant. Otherwise, we may be looking at another long wait to see what's really going on.

UPDATE: The filming is a promotion for Have I Got News For You, and it is Paul Merton who is dressed as the Fourth Doctor, and Ian Hislop as the Seventh Doctor.



Andy Davies said...

that's really exciting to see and speculate about, but no offence to tom..this guy looks a bit skinny and Tom is not lol..

Amanda Pursell said...

Yeah, he appears a bit young too.

James Hornby said...

There's been comments that this is actually for Have I Got News For You, but there's nothing about to confirm it yet.

Mercy Reborn 2 said...

it is some kind of comedy sketch thing but i wish it was Tom

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