Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Babelcolour's "The Ten Doctors"

The Houston Press did a rather nice interview with Stuart Humphryes, otherwise known as Youtube fanvidder extraordinaire Babelcolour. So good that the BBC had him do the painstaking recolouring work for the new, fully-colourised release of "The Mind of Evil", along with other work he's done for the DVD range. There's lots more info at his Twitter and website, if you're interested.

As a side project of his own, since 2009 he's been putting together "The Ten Doctors", a forty minute production using preexisting footage from the original series with some special effects tricks and voiceovers of his own (plus clips from a few other sources as well; using footage from The Mouse That Roared, for instance, works very cleverly as a source of colourised Hartnell). It's quite amazing. The interview has more info, as well as mention of his problems distributing it to fans (an over-zealous BBC staffer sent out a copyright demand to Youtube after the first three segments were posted, so Babelcolour deleted them and took some time off before constructing the last one; he says that he'll probably post all future fanvideos at his Vimeo account from now on). Only the first two are available right now, though they'll probably all be posted come the anniversary month. There's a brilliant making-of video on Youtube, though. And the theme music is by one Hardwire, one of the regulars at Whomix, probably the single best Doctor Who remixing site on the Internet.

Judging by this teaser trailer and the gallery clips, it's not just ten Doctors, either; Matt Smith is due to show up in the last episode as well...

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