Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Doctor Who: The Light at the End released one month early!

Much to the world's surprise, Big Finish Productions have released their Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary story, The Light at the End, today! The production was originally planned to be released exactly a month from now, on 23 November.

It's the 23rd of October, one month ahead of the anniversary of Doctor Who on the 23rd of November, and as of today, the digital download releases for all versions of Doctor Who: The Light at the End will be made available. This includes the Limited Edition, the Standard Edition and the Vinyl Edition. Mailing out of the Limited Edition CD version has begun today.
Due to a problem with the manufacturer of the Standard and Vinyl editions, the physical copies of those releases have recieved a slight delay. For those who haven't yet bought a copy of the story, Big Finish will be selling copies at the Dimensions 2013 convention.

Once again, Big Finish have responded to the fantasies of their fans, and for them, the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who has begun!


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