Sunday, 6 October 2013

Doctor Who spinoff Jago and Litefoot Series 7 details

A very popular Big Finish series, (which I admittedly haven't gotten around to trying yet) Jago and Litefoot covers the further adventures of Henry Gordon Jago (Christopher Benjamin) and George Litefoot (Trevor Baxter). Following the recent release of the sixth series of one of the longest running Big Finish spinoff ranges, Big Finish put up details for Series 7, out in April 2014.

7.1 The Monstrous Menagerie by Jonathan Morris

A trail of clues leads Jago and Litefoot to 221B Baker Street – the (empty) London home of the Doctor, where they can rest and plan their next move. Then a meeting with Arthur Conan Doyle leads them into the strangest case of the investigating career…

7.2 The Night of 1000 Stars by James Goss

For one night only, Leela has returned to Victorian England. And for one night only, everyone will get to perform. There are stories to tell – but there may not be a happy ending.

7.3 Murder at Moorsey Manor by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris

Jago and Litefoot’s quest takes them to Moorsey Manor, where Sherlock Holmes fans are meeting to mourn the anniversary of their hero’s death at the Reichenbach Falls. But why is someone trying to kill them?

7.4 The Wax Princess by Justin Richards

Jago and Litefoot learn the greatest secret in the Empire – Jack the Ripper has escaped!

The set guest stars Louise Jameson as Leela, Steven Miler, Lizzie Roper and Philip Pope, Lisa Bowerman and Conrad Asquith. Preorder it from Big Finish here, at $46.06/£30.00 CD or $25.00/£25.00 Download.


Guywhothinksstuff said...

A very good series, well worth getting hold of.

You should start with Companion Chronicles: The Mahogany Murders, which acts as a kind of pilot for the series. Then series 1-4 run almost continuously, and then there's something else to listen to before series 5 which I won't spoil. But if you liked them in Talons (and how could you not?) you'll love them here.

Cyberman _151 said...

Isn't the Bernice Summerfield range the longest running spinoff from Big Finish? Or are you only counting the characters that have appeared on the tv show?

Cult_Of_Priam said...

Oh, that's embarrassing. That totally slipped my mind. I'll edit it. :)