Tuesday, 29 October 2013

DW content announced for Children in Need night

Honestly, it's not much of a story yet. In this BBC press release about the upcoming Children in Need night, Friday 15 November, is the following line: "Amongst those lending a hand are One Direction, Doctor Who, Harry Hill, and cast of Call The Midwife." The One Show kicks off the appeal at 7, then Sir Terry Wogan, Tess Daly and Fearne Cotton take over until 10, and there's no way of knowing when the Doctor Who-related content will happen until it's actually aired.

There's references to the show taking place at the shiny new Children in Need studio and the Albert Square Eastenders set, although for the sake of sanity we'll hope that the DW segment has no relation to the latter. Moffat has, one assumes, long since decided what sort of involvement he's planning. He's been pretty good about Children in Need in the past, writing unique content for the past two years (not to mention "Time Crash"), although what sort of scene could be slipped between "The Name of the Doctor" and the incoming special is a question. We've had a trailer of sorts, but who know? We might get a preview clip from the special itself.

In all probability, it'll at least involve Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman waving at the audience and talking about Children in Need and how nice it would be for everybody to donate money. Time will tell.

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Mercy Reborn 2 said...

i hope they do something